Previously, we wrote about 420 events, but 420 culture is coming in hot too!

The #710mphto420 idea was always about cannabis culture moving so fast for our cannabis event culture.

At the Farmer’s Cup event, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, SM Familia, and Indica Roots bumped out a great concert, but amazingly, it wasn’t the focus!

Cannabis Reigns Supreme!

When you have the best cannabis in the state all in one place, the people love it!

Yes, great music is appreciated, but concertgoers sat in cold outdoor consumption spaces while great music roared inside the event space.

The 420 Farmers Cup is promising to be another quality event for all, but details are yet to be announced.

Look up the Farmers Cup on Instagram to see the winners and view some reel videos of the event.

710 Farmers Cup is Just Beyond That!

We all know San Diegans love a good sesh event, and more than 1,300 guests turned up for the Farmers Cup this weekend!

Jaxx, the dispensary partner, experienced record hourly sales!

This happening created a small economy for the cannabis brands involved in the event.

July 10, 2022 was quite the event for the Farmers Cup! 

The team organized over 45 brands, and these brands distributed approximately 1/4 million worth of samples to 70 judges.

For the recent cup event, the numbers should reflect approximately half that much in sales influenced in a single 5-hour period!

Last year’s 710 Awards Sesh was only a consumption event, but this year’s installment promises to have sales embedded.

AB2210, See You at the Dab Bar?

Much work is needed to normalize cannabis use and allow consumption bars to open up.

Cannabis lounges would not only create tourism, but they would spur users to try more products and feel confident they are getting a quality high experience.

I would love to see more of a “Farm to Fence” model and the application of the One Plant Theory where consumers get access to whole plants.

AB2210 was signed last year in October to allow ABC-licensed locations the ability to host cannabis events.

These changes should open many doors for San Diego nightlife and the hurting San Diego bar scene.

Will it be 2023 we see cannabis lounges take off?

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