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Don’t look now, but the Motorverse has rolled onto the scene through the holoride, advancing the on-the-road entertainment realm.

Today, holoride announced the release of its retrofit device, which brings the company’s VR platform to all vehicles.

The holoride has been available for select Audi vehicle owners since late 2022.

The company says the retrofit brings signature elastic content to life through Bluetooth connectivity.

Holoride says the platform’s adaptive content library reacts to vehicle movements in real-time, creating a dynamic experience that fights motion sickness.

Co-Founder Nils Wollny says the retrofit starts a new chapter in the holoride’s journey.

“Our vision of delivering a manufacturere agnostic entry point into the ‘Motorverse’ has finally arrived,” says Wollny. “Now, any vehicle can serve as your gateway into holoride’s adaptive virtual experiences where each new ride becomes the blueprint for your next immersive adventure.”

Advancing In-Vehicle Entertainment

Coinciding with the retrofit launch, video game studio ARVORE has released Pixel Ripped 1995: On The Road.

In addition to the array of gaming experiences, the holoride library includes a custom web browser and Android smartphone screen mirroring.

The company says it sees the next-generation internet as a place where physical and digital worlds blend through web3 technology.

The holoride also has a unique cryptocurrency, RIDE.

ARVORE CEO Ricardo Justus says his people in the company enjoy challenging themselves with new technologies and VR potential.

“With holoride’s technology, we could explore creating a game in a totally new environment in a very innovative way, so we decided to explore a version of our most successful game to a whole new environment in a moving vehicle,” says Justus. “Creating a quite unique experience in Pixel Ripped 1995: On the Road.”

At under half a pound, the holoride retrofit attaches to windshields with a suction cup mount.

The device can run for 14 hours on the internal battery or indefinitely with its USB-C to USB-A power cord.

The retrofit can also connect to two headsets simultaneously for multiplayer experiences.

Customers may purchase the retrofit alone for $199 or packaged with an HTC VIVE Flow headset for $799.

The package deal includes a safety strap and a one-year subscription to the holoride platform.

Image: holoride

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