This is how we're celebrating 710 around here.

July is in full swing, and it’s time to concentrate on some delicious cannabis oils to celebrate 710.

The sun is shining brightly in California today, and the temperature is nice, setting a great tone for the holiday.

Full disclosure: I’m a bigger fan of 710 than 420.

Not only do I prefer concentrates over other cannabis products, but 710 comes during summer, my favorite season.

It’s a win-win situation.

Let’s look at some of what I’m dabbing and vaping on this oily and euphoric holiday.

Paper Planes

I recently received some concentrates from California producer Paper Planes Extracts; two grams of concentrates and one cart.

I’ve included them in my list of recommendations—all three strains were spectacular in taste and effects.

Cheetah Piss Live Resin Batter

A cliché mindset surrounding cannabis posits that consuming the plant will make you lazy, lethargic, and couch-locked.

If you use an Indica-dominant strain, the cliché notion definitely has some merit.

But when Sativa dominates the mix, the effects can be drastically different—something very apparent in the Cheetah Piss Strain.

The Sativa-heavy Cheetah Piss strain is one that’s earned its name, but only partly because of its flavor.

The strain is Lemonnade, Gelato 42 crossed with London Poundcake 97—creating a delightfully gassy, heady flavor.

Depending on dab temperature and other factors, you might occasionally get a bit of berry flavor too.

But that’s just the start.

The heady flavor gives way to an energy burst that I can only surmise inspired the name.

I had a lot of physical work to do that day, and Cheetah Piss left me focused and energetic for hours.

After my first dab, I felt like I had just downed a strong cup of coffee but didn’t get jitters.

My mind and body became energized.

The feeling was what I imagine house cats get after using their litter boxes, and they start zipping around the house.

You know, the post-poop zoomies, but without the flecks of cat litter flinging across the floor.

If you’re celebrating 7/10 today, I’d recommend Cheetah Piss as a great strain to start and continue with.

When you wind down at day’s end, you may want something like this next fruity-flavored strain:

Melon Fizz Live Resin Batter

If cannabis were a rainbow, Melon Fizz would sit on the other end of the vibrant spectrum from Cheetah Piss.

But not where quality or flavor are concerned, just effects.

Melon Fizz has a delightfully sweet fruity flavor that lasts from dab-start to dab-finish; I really liked it.

But when it comes to effects, Melon Fizz is a strain you may want to use later in the day.

In contrast to Cheetah Piss, Melon Fizz’s Indica effects are pronounced and eventually eyelid-drooping.

Early on, it has a bit of the laser beam eye effect, which is a very nice sensation.

A dab of Melon Fizz about an hour before bedtime will have you out when your head hits the pillow.

Overall, Paper Planes’ Melon Fizz is a delicious strain with pronounced Indica effects that feel euphoric and dreamy.

The strain makes a sweet end to your 710 holiday or any other day.

Lemon Tree Live Resin Cart (1G)

When it comes to THC vape pens and carts, consumers have a gambit of flavors and effects to run.

But not all pens and carts are equal.

Without a doubt, the Lemon Tree cart is one of the tastiest carts I’ve tried to-date.

The oil inside is absolutely standout.

The flavor is a sweet, creamy, mellow, and citrusy experience that reminds me of some delicious Tangie crumble or rosin.

It’s like a real dab in a cart, delicious and clean.

Since I began using concentrates, I don’t think I’ve experienced such a flavor in a cart.

The effects were uplifting and euphoric, wonderful for some added mid-day focus.

There are some mild sedation effects toward the end, but a puff on the pen gets you going again.

Whether you are at a 710 event or celebrating at home, the cart is an easy recommendation.

22Red – Wedding Crasher Diamonds and Sauce (1G)

A gram of 22Red’s Wedding Crasher diamonds & sauce is a fantastic choice for a 710 celebration.

In addition to a sleek packaging design, the concentrates taste and feel as good as they look.

The flavors go from musky to sweeter and fruity, depending on where you are in the dab (always carb cap).

Wedding Crasher has earned a spot in my personal concentrates hall of fame just for its flavor qualities.

When it comes to effects, the strain is a heavy hitter.

The laser beam eyes set in quickly, and you may feel like taking a nap on the tail end of the experience.

Overall, Wedding Crasher is an easy recommendation any day, holiday or not.

You can read my full review here: Wedding Crasher Is a Welcome Party Guest

Big Chief – Trainwreck Cart (1G)

Big Chief’s Trainwreck carts have become my go-to when I visit the dispensary.

Their price is part of what attracted me, and their flavor and effects have kept me coming back.

The oil has the signature spicy, piny, and citrusy Trainwreck flavor with therapeutic and euphoric effects.

The carts are tasty, the effects are uplifting, and they work well with my Hemper bubble dab rig.

I’m not sure why, but the Big Chief carts work better with that dab rig than some others.

I get a satisfying rip with the Big Chief carts but not always with other brands—I think it may be airflow-related.

Since I began using cannabis, bongs have been my favorite consumption method, but I no longer smoke cannabis flowers.

Thankfully, the bubble dab rig serves as a good in-between device.

I can fill the rig with vapor before pulling the silicone-tip-shrouded pen out like a slide bowl and clearing the chamber.

It’s very satisfying.

But I don’t always use the rig, the Trainwreck carts are great on their own.

With nice flavor and effects, the Big Chief Trainwreck carts are good for socializing and everyday use.

Abuelitas – Blueberry Cart (1G)

Abuelitas debuted at the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market 420 Edition awards ceremony in May.

The brand is the brainchild of San Diego hip-hop artist Michael Gabriel.

Gabriel recently gave me an Abuelitas Indica-effects blueberry cart to try, one of three flavors the brand currently produces.

I’ve tasted many vape pens and carts over the years and found that some brands add too much flavoring.

Some taste more like a nicotine vape than a THC cart.

But the Abuelitas cart dials the flavor back to a more moderate level to make it not so heavy.

The result is a noticeably lighter and pleasant taste on the tongue when you exhale.

With Indica effects, the cart’s good for an end-of-day treat or whenever a puff feels like the right thing.

Happy 710

So that’s my six picks for 710, but whatever your oil choices are on this 710 holiday, remember to have fun and be safe.

Happy 710!

By Benjie Cooper

Raised on geek culture, Benjie has been in cannabis news since 2014, and a consumer since long before that. Before starting CannaGeek, he wrote for the Candid Chronicle and co-hosted the Nug Life Radio Show.