SoCal Cannabis Career Expo

Another non-cup related event is coming from the community-minded team of the Farmers Cup.

The Farmers Cup team sees an urgent need to create professional support for the cannabis industry, advocacy, education, and community cultural vibes all in one place! 

Past Mayoral Panel for Cannabis Career Expo 2020

History of SoCal Cannabis Career Expo

The San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market last hosted a Hemp & Cannabis Career Expo at Liberty Station just before the pandemic, and at the Mission Valley Hilton before that. 

The problem with both events was finding a venue to support all the cannabis businesses, their entrepreneurs & hiring teams, the job-hungry public, and their educational appetite for all things cannabis. 

This event is FREE to attend for people 21 and up seeking jobs and education from the cannabis industry, and tickets are available on EventHi.

This SoCal Cannabis Career Expo is forming to be the beginning of something truly beautiful from a grassroots organizer mentality, but also corporate sized convention space for advocacy, education, creativity, community, and culture. 

Check out this past video of Career and Hemp Job Fair & Business Mixer from Candid Chronicle.

Speaking to Joshua Caruso, the lead organizer for the expo, he states the main goal of this event is to provide resources to the community from an employment standpoint.

Caruso also works to encourage healthy b2b, b2c showcasing, and educational exhibits. 

Get Tickets

Book your room at the Four Points Sheraton on Aero Dr. for October 28th-30th to attend on October 29th, 11am-5pm with confidence as this event should make for some awesome connecting!  

Again, tickets to attend this event are FREE for those 21 and up.

Tickets are available on EventHi.

If you would like to support this event as a sponsor or get a booth reach out to us or see our Sponsorship and Booth options on HiBnb.


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