System Shock remake.

Prime Matter and Nightdive Studios are preparing to release a fully-remade version of the 1994 first-person action-adventure game System Shock.

Developed by Looking Glass Technologies, the game left a lasting impact on gamers as an in-depth story-based action game.

The title’s popularity led to a sequel and a widespread, enduring influence on design in the video game industry.

Deux Ex, Half-Life, and BioShock are some of the games born with System Shock-inspired elements.

“The spirit of System Shock is player-powered gameplay: the spirit of letting the player drive the game, not the game designer.” stated Irrational Games Co-Founder Ken Levine in a 2007 interview. “And I believe that’s the spirit of Irrational. Not all of our games succeed at this, but that’s always the game we ideally want to make. I think BioShock is the first time we really have the proper time and funding to do it.”

For the remake, Munich, Germany-based publisher Prime Matter and Vancouver, Washington-based developer Nightdive Studios are at the helm.

Nightdive says the remake brings updated enemy A.I., new mechanics, HD graphics, and a revamped hacking system.

The game is also getting new enemies, sound effects, music, and quality-of-life enhancements.

Among the new visceral combat options is a dismemberment system that Nightdive calls brutal.

Nightdive has also added new areas to the Citadel Station.

The game’s puzzle-solving, trap-avoiding, enemy-combating campaign culminates with a cyberspace showdown with the malevolent A.I. Shodan and saving the Earth.

Nightdive and Prime Matter had intended to release System Shock this month but could not due to unavoidable circumstances.

“We had hoped to bring the game to market by the end of March,” states a press release. “But that turned out to be just beyond our reach; we are after all merely human (unlike Shodan!).”

The game is now available for pre-order on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG.

As a bonus, pre-orders get a free copy of the upcoming System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition.

System Shock will go on sale on Tuesday, May 30.

Image: Nightdive Studios, Prime Matter

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