Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, SM Famlia, and Indica Roots will take the stage in a secret location in San Diego this weekend. 

A secret location implies this event is not for everyone. 

LIVE Farmers Cup Awards Ceremony will feature Tomorrow's Bad Seeds, SM Familia, Indica Roots, DJ Mikey Beats, DJ Boogie Blanco, and also LIVE Glass Blowing by Biohazzard Glass! Event is Saturday February 25th, 2023
A full lineup of great music awaits this Saturday.

It is only for a select few cannabis enthusiasts who join the Farmers Cup as contestants or judges. 

Still, guests are welcome, but no tickets are available at the door.

This private celebration is for only the best cannabis brands in California and connoisseurs who check in regularly with the community.

Given that cannabis is such a new industry, San Diego County and beyond have made it difficult for people to come together.  

Humans have been gathering in the name of cannabis for decades before the “War on Drugs” began. 

In fact, the “healing” of the war hasn’t even begun!

The Stage Schedule

Many Farmers are Still in Trauma! 

I still look both ways before I light my medicine in public.

Every time a flying porker is above, Dr. Greenthumb is experiencing anxiety and stress, to say the least. 

These farmers are still not celebrated as they should be.

Humans still think “we are letting them sell recreational,” but most farmers never wanted that.

Most farmers know the system we have been in for decades is just not right for humanity, but the system favors this toxic state. 

They jumped on board with Prop 64 with an aversion to the PTSD symptoms of combating the laws, bigotry, and digital banking emergence.

They also believed that people would wake up once they had real cannabis medicine.

Cannabis is Still Not Accepted as a Healing Medicine. 

UCSD just filed to do the first study to determine if cannabis smoke has any medicinal properties

Of course, the study is probably experiencing all sorts of red tape issues.

I feel for the researchers trying to get the study going.

I believe the solution can be found in the One Plant Theory, being that we all need access to a whole plant for healing even with the Prop 64 options in place.

This study should have been the top priority for prohibitionists, but they know what the farmers and dedicated medical users already know. 

Cannabis is a Gift! 

Cannabis was called many things for a long time, but I think the best is “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

“…several religious groups, such as Rastafarians, Essenians, Ethiopian Coptic Christians, even Sufic Islamists and Zoroastarians use cannabis in their ceremonies, and several of them explicitly identify cannabis as the Tree of Knowledge – which, if you’ve ever taken it, isn’t too surprising.”

The term is Biblical, but in my own opinion, I think it helps you tap into the user’s integrity.

Many Americans claim to have started cannabis use in their teens, saying that it has helped them grow spiritually and avoid the “practicing of medicine” by doctors.

In the last 50 years, however, cannabis was demonized, and it’s the largest human mistake.

Hit up eventhi for tickets.

It’s possibly where everything went wrong.

Today, doctors are threatened with loss of their medical licenses for any positive mentions of cannabis.

You can easily follow the money to big pharma, though it is not in the doctor’s best financial interest to do so.

Cannabis Farmers Are the Real Heroes! 

The coolest thing about the Farmers Cup is that we have created an opportunity to celebrate farmers.

I believe firmly in freedom, and I believe these once-considered outlaws were robbed of the freedom to pursue basic happiness and medical freedoms.

Often cannabis farmers were growing to help someone with medical needs that were not met by our doctors practicing medicine. 

Farmers knew all along that we needed a relationship with various plant medicines, quality foods, and what the Earth has for us. 

So join the Farmers Cup and celebrate the Farmers who have fought for our rights of access to plant medicine and the foundation of our country’s freedom.