Clinicians have a new way to train as a Texas VR therapy education and technology company launches the NRVR Academy.

The Academy allows clinicians to get Continuing Education Units (CEU) online while learning VR therapeutics.

On Monday, Fort Worth-based Neuro Rehab VR announced the launch of the first course, VR Foundational Knowledge in Rehabilitation.

Neuro Rehab says the board-approved continuing-education credit course is available to practitioners nationwide through online access.

The company says its clinical team curated, designed, and delivered course information, which has received board approval from the American Physical Therapists Association and Occupational Therapists Association.

“The VR Foundational Knowledge in Rehabilitation course has been instrumental in ensuring clinicians are competently trained in advanced therapy modalities,” says Neuro Rehab CRO Veena Somareddy in a press release. “I am excited to now be able to offer this same body of knowledge and work to clinicians and practitioners that we haven’t yet had an opportunity to reach and expand the accepted practice of immersive modalities in multiple clinical environments.”

Online Connectivity for Education Advancement

Somareddy says Neuro Rehab has delivered the course in-person to hundreds of clinicians across the United States.

With NRVR Academy online, many more will have access to the coursework.

The NRVR Academy’s design lets learners work at their own speed as they complete course requirements.

The company says the design allows learners to fit the education into their varying and potentially busy lifestyles.

Each lesson presents material in a short video format with regular content review sections to solidify the information in learners’ memories.

According to the company, the course takes approximately an hour to complete.

The company says learners who score 80 percent or higher on the final exam will receive CEU credits.

In January, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented CPT Code 0770T.

Neuro Rehab says CMS’ action was in response to the various emerging uses for VR technology in assorted therapies.

Therapy applications include neurodevelopmental disorders and procedural dissociation services used instead of anesthesia during procedures to increase tolerance and reduce anxiety.

Neuro Rehab says that to bill for this code, practitioners need proper training and qualifications to use VR with patients.

Neuro Rehab says CMS has not solidified the definition yet, but is confident its course will meet CMS requirements.

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