If you were lucky, you made it to a recent local event where Fade Green rocked the house.

I am sure, and no specific locations are needed for this, every time a camera is on Fade you should hear something unique.

Fade Green’s quality is often wholesome, but always-reflective and genuine lyrics combined with immersive comic book or pop up action from his words is genius.

I am willing to bet that Lyric Genius cannot wait to dive into Fade Green’s real meanings with, sometimes, triple metaphors.

Geek is Strong Within this Artist!Ace Hood with Fade Green

I witnessed a rap battle where Fade Green pulled out 20 comic book characters, who weren’t even needed, to help serve up an “L” in S.D. for rap battle victim Sykodelic (see here).

You can learn more about Fade Green in his introduction in the SD Voyager, but today we are here to highlight what this awesome lyricist has coming up!

We are definitely keeping up with news on this artist, and I hope you can get out to support!

Twisted Insane with Fade GreenUpcoming Events Featuring Fade Green

Coming up on October 28th, Fade Green and local favorite Sham Blak are special guests alongside headliner Twisted Insane at Diamond Jim’s.

Twisted Insane recently featured on Tech N9ne’s latest album, “All 6’s And 7’s” on the the song “Worldwide Choppers.”

This mix of Twisted Insane with Fade Green will be quite an experience!

Beginning November 1st, Ace Hood will be rocking into town to land at Brick by Brick!

Again, you will get to see my local favorites Fade Green & Sham Blak, who both can be found on Spotify, so you too can say you support local music.

Big Dreams to Roll Out

Click over to Fade Green’s Instagram to hear him dropping his version of the I Have a Dream speech.

Fade Green not only has a vision for bringing people together with his art in music, but also the business community of San Diego.

“We are a part of and help lead a strong community of local; business owners, entrepreneurs, artists/musicians, artists/painters, videographers/cinematographers, actors, models, dancers, engineers, producers and more,” says Green. “With this influence, we spread and bring awareness and promotions of local businesses to this community to help grow the wealth and economy of San Diego.”

Make sure to scroll up to click some links to see Fade Green live with some remarkable talent packed into the lineup!

As always, stay faded off the green, but Fade Green tracks on the record!

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