Oils for 710

July 10 is knocking once again, so it’s time to open the door and fire up your rig as we celebrate the world of cannabis concentrates.

For me, 7/10 is every day, but maybe the unofficial holiday is a personal excuse to take a few extra dabs and relax.

You know, just because.

And like any other dabber with a little or a lot of experience, I have my favorite strains, oil types, and brands.

But after trying some strains from 22 Red, Muha Meds, and Gelato via the wonderful people at KMA, I have some new favorite concentrates.

Honestly, I’m always looking for something to put a blast in the ol’ laser beam eyes.

These strains do the trick as they nail key concentrate qualities of terpene profile, purity, consistency, potency, and flavor.


Muha Meds - "Apple's & Banana"

Let’s start with a gram of “Apple’s & Banana” hash rosin from Muha Meds.

I fell in love with the strain after trying another brand’s version earlier this year.

One of my go-to brands was producing A&B grams for a short period and I quickly became a fan of the strain.

The other brand’s concentrates aside, Muha’s product is spectacular.

Opening the jar releases the oil’s sweet fragrance, delivering fruity and sweet citrus notes.

The oil produces full, delicious clouds of vapor that, flavor-wise, strongly resemble a tangie strain.

The vapor is mellow, sweet, and creamy with a mild citrus flavor that brings everything together.

A&B is described as a potent Indica-dominant hybrid, though I found the effects of Muha’s oil to be a pretty good balance of Indica and Sativa.

If you’re looking for something tasty for 710, or everyday use, that won’t make you sleepy, “Apple’s & Banana” from Muha Meds should do the trick.

It tastes like orange cream.
It tastes like orange cream.


22 Red's Cocololo #6

Next up, is a gram of Cocololo #6 live ice-water hash rosin from 22Red.

I’ve had 22 Red’s concentrates before, so I knew what was inside the jar would be good before I opened it.

I was not wrong.

While the oil inside was quite different than the 22 Red concentrates I’d tried previously, it was every bit as good.

With a nice color, smooth texture, and sweetly pungent terpene profile, 22 Red’s Cocololo #6 is a pleasure for the senses.

The oil has a very refreshing lightly sweet, lightly fruity flavor, and is a bit mellower on the tongue than on the nose.

In the jar, it’s very sweet and pungent, but the exhale hits the tongue somewhat like a cucumber-melon flavor.

The flavor type is not one I come across very often, but I always enjoy and take note of it when I taste it.

When it comes to effects, Cocololo #6 is rather energizing.

I’d consider the strain to be one you can take before you get into some video games.

Or that one thing around the house that you’ve been putting off…

Because sometimes, a good dab is all it takes to get you excited about doing the boring stuff in life.

But whether it’s yard work or a 710 party, I’d say Cocololo #6 is a good choice either way.

Concentrate on these concentrates so you can concentrate.
I thought it tasted kind of like cucumber melon.


Potent Indica concentrates inside.

The final oil in our lineup today is a Saturn OG live resin cartridge from Southern California’s Gelato Canna Co.

Saturn OG is an Indica, as indica-ted by the “OG” in its name, and it shows.

If you’re celebrating 710 on Wednesday, this cart is a good grand finale for your July fireworks show.

The oil in the cart boasts a 92% THC content and is a heavy Indica.

The sedating effects are quite pronounced in this oil so you may want to hit some Sativas first, or you may feel like napping during the party.

The cart’s flavor is nice and mild, with mellow and flavorful citrusy and peppery notes.

Gelato says they aim to keep up with the classics when creating their carts.

“Gelato’s carts and strains are classics but we also have the addition of fun, vibrant strains that offer a mainstream option of flavors,” says Gelato. “We want to give our customers options and we think having a balance of both worlds does just that”

I’ve noticed that some carts from other brands struggle to produce clouds unless you turn up the power on your battery.

Even then, some are still more cirrus when you’re looking for cumulonimbus.

But apparently, Gelato has figured out the formula.

My battery has three power levels and Gelato’s cart produced satisfying clouds even on the lowest setting.

And, as if a proper cartridge and oil weren’t enough, Gelato includes a collectible pin in each package.

There are also coupons & other fun stuff on the inside of the box.

Collectible pins have been a fun part of the cannabis community for quite a while; I too have a small collection.

Having been a part of the community for years as well, Gelato is in tune with the lifestyle and it shows.

Gelato includes collectible pins with their carts.
Gelato includes collectible pins with their carts.

Happy 710

If any of the cannabis oils I’ve talked about have piqued your interest, I’m pretty certain you’ll enjoy them if you decide to pick up a gram or two.

Whatever your plans are for the unofficial holiday on Wednesday, and every other day, have fun, be safe, and happy dabbing!

By Benjie Cooper

Raised on geek culture, Benjie has been in cannabis news since 2014, and a consumer since long before that. Before starting CannaGeek, he wrote for the Candid Chronicle and co-hosted the Nug Life Radio Show.