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A new video game is landing in the world of light cycles and identity discs next year.

During the gaming showcase at the recent D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, Disney formally announced the upcoming Tron: Identity game.

The Tron: Identity listing on Steam describes the game as a visual novel adventure that centers around Query, a Disciple of Tron detective program.

Something has been stolen, and it’s up to Query to discover what it was and who took it.

London-based Bithell Games will handle development for Tron: Identity.

Previous titles from Bithell include John Wick Hex, Hardened Tactician, and The Solitaire Conspiracy.

“Enter a new Grid and forge alliances via visual novel gameplay, uncovering truths through Identity Disc puzzles,” states the game’s description. “Make critical decisions and plot your own course in a world without a creator.”

Creative Director Mike Bithell says Tron: Identity gameplay will differ from the franchise’s previous titles like Tron 2.0 (first-person shooter), Tron: Evolution, and Tron: Evolution: Battle Grids (third-person action-adventure).

Bithell told IGN that gameplay will center around dialogue options but will borrow elements from the studio’s past titles like The Solitaire Conspiracy.

According to Bithell, decisions players make will actively influence the story and a multitude of outcomes, both good and bad.

Players will interact with various characters, helping them recover lost memories and defragment discs as they search for answers.

The new extension to the Tron franchise will feature hand-crafted character art, rich world-building, in-depth storytelling, and many endings to a singular mystery.

Tron: Identity will release sometime in 2023.

Image: Disney

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