Minnesota Legalizes Cannabis

Minnesota has become the 23rd state to legalize adult-use cannabis after Governor Tim Walz (D) signed HF 100 on Tuesday.

The law, which takes effect August 1, allows for possession of up to two pounds at home and two ounces in public.

HF 100 allows adults to possess up to 800mg THC in edibles and 8 grams of cannabis concentrates.

Under the new law, Minnesota will create the Office of Cannabis Management for cannabis business license distribution and market regulation.

While HF 100 prohibits local jurisdictions from banning cannabis businesses, it does allow them to establish zoning and hours-of-operation standards.

For consumers, the law also applies a 10 percent sales tax on top of the state’s 6.875 percent sales tax.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who was present for the HF 100’s signing, tweeted his happiness over the event.

Besides legalizing cannabis for adults over 21, the new law provides relief for some who have cannabis infractions.

HF 100’s becoming law started an automatic expungement process for cannabis-related misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor possession offenses.

The process will begin in August and should take approximately a year to complete.

People with felony convictions on their records may be able to apply for reduced sentences.

The bill’s Senate author, Senator Lindsey Port (D), says the new law delves into Minnesota’s unique realities.

Port says an expungement-focused entrepreneurial spirit based on community reinvestment is at the law’s core.

“I am delighted to be here with you as we put the period at the end of the sentence on this piece of legislation,” said Port. “I am really proud that Minnesota is taking a step forward and trying something new.”

Port says ending cannabis prohibition in Minnesota will help to undo some of the past harms done through the state.

By Benjie Cooper

Raised on geek culture, Benjie has been in cannabis news since 2014, and a consumer since long before that. Before starting CannaGeek, he wrote for the Candid Chronicle and co-hosted the Nug Life Radio Show.

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