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People have known of the entourage effect for decades. They also know that THC is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid within cannabis. This has led to some breeding practices that focus on maximizing THC production for psychoactive purposes rather than the full entourage effect. The entourage effect comes from the Whole Plant Theory’s cannabinoid variety. The whole plant is needed for a healthy endocannabinoid system (ECS). All cannabinoids have a specific key to a certain receptor site lock in the ECS. Introducing isolated THC to a healthy ECS may not cause damage, but it could cause a longing for a balanced cannabinoid profile.

I believe most users can relate to wanting a new flower because they have had the same profile for too long. However, with One Plant Theory, I have an idea why. My hypothesis is that at least some people need consistent genetics from a single plant across various product types for as long a time period as possible. The industry has done nearly everything but recreate a situation for non-growers to have quality like from a home grown cannabis plant. 

One Plant Theory?

The theory is a simple claim that it is beneficial to have various products, such as cannabis butter, concentrates or a joint, all created from a single plant intended for one person. The idea is about creating a relationship with cannabis similar to the home-grown experience.

The goal of One Plant Theory is to empower users who have been seeking a quality solution for balancing their lifestyle, an attribute many have credited to cannabis. People built the industry and moved us into a 710mphto420 culture where changes are happening so fast that no one can keep up. A buyer in the legal cannabis market can only buy products that have been created by various packers and manufacturers. The products are not being made with a focus on the end user’s ECS, but their quantity. 

Problem Created by Industry

With the variety of cannabis genetics on dispensary shelves, a variety of problems that affect product consistency exist. Issues like terpene loss and cannabinoid degradation from poor flower care and processing practices are common. This results in consumers not being able to consistently find the medicinal or adult-use cannabis they seek. 

Who Cares?

People seeking to escape from conditions like depression, anxiety, pain, bi-polar, and ADHD care. Those seeking to quit harder drugs via cannabis supplementation or detox rehabilitation care. I can relate to users who have ingested many products in a day and not found relief. I can also have empathy for users that have had issues getting cannabis products that work every time for the same relief. These two problems are about consistency and quality. On one hand, a user is getting realistically exposed to many many product types all made through manufacturing. This increases the risk of exposing a consumer to contamination, diseased plant materials, or mixed quality in their cannabis supply. Also, the user is bombarded with many cannabinoids and terpenes. On the other hand, not getting relief from a product you bought last time is frustrating too for someone seeking a new healthy lifestyle from cannabis. 


One Plant Theory is an extension of:

  • Whole Plant Theory 
    • Users shouldn’t have cannabinoids from just flower, and that it should not be broken down solely by an industry.
  • Entourage Effect:
    • Cannabinoids shouldn’t just work together to provide balance to user ECS, but available products or services should reflect actual quality that can be found by user in their neighborhood.
  • Ensemble Effect: 
    • Not only do users need different cannabinoids at different times of the day, or for their different ECS in balances or ailments. They also need a variety of product types to get through a world of various ailments that cannabis can resolve. Some users might not want to have multiple products from different sources that could come from a single plant they could process themselves. 

One Plant Theory

The theory is about addressing users seeking balance from cannabis, for any reason, should have access to a whole consistent plant. But they shouldn’t just have access to it. They should be able to process it themselves or gain access to processors for single-plant small batches with multiple product options.

A consumer from the market should be able to support a local grower to supply a full plant to the users liking. They should be able to process it for the user’s needs in various forms without limitations. Examples of processing include extracting oil & rosin, trimming flowers, packaging, rolling joints, mixing tinctures, and making edibles–but from single harvest batches.


  • The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is all about homeostasis, a balance at various sites within the body. Homeostasis is a neutral state, to be clear. In theory, cannabis does not need to be responsible for only a supreme high via THC. Regular customized pairing of ECS (person/user) to cannabinoid profile (plant) might cause a healthy homeostasis for specific users seeking relief. People use cannabis in different ways topically, food additive, smoke, vape, and dabs, why not all from one single source? This is One Plant Theory in action, almost a diet option for the so-called “self medicating” user who may have possible mood or social anxieties they are escaping.
  • A quick summary could be that One Plant Theory is that the industrial movement has disrupted our Endocannabinoid System. Thus, access to whole raw plants is necessary for all.  While I believe only a few could really make this claim. Still, access to artisan-grown whole raw plants is essential to some and why not all?

Relief vs Escape?

Drug use is easily paired with recreational ideologies, and naturally conservative minds sharply say “drugs are bad,” but we live in a nation of pharmaceuticals. 

The cannabis paradox is that some are not just seeking a high, or at all, but a relief like prescription drug users.

Mentioning people who need relief is not meant to patronize medical users alone:

  • Recreational users deserve the same access to consistency

    • Claims of cannabis benefits & classic self-medicating habits of all humans. 
    • This is marketed to consumers, but inconsistency with products & knowledge may adversely affect users seeking balance. 
    • Whole Plant could be essential to some users.
  • Many use cannabis for specific needs of relief.
    • They do not get a medical card, they are still deserving of a consistent option and justice in the fact that they deserve access to indisputable knowledge.
    • This theory says all users should be able to gain consistency for their lives via cannabis today for years to come.  
  • Home growing would otherwise provide users this consistency, but many cannot grow decent quality cannabis.
    • You do not need to be a medical user to want good homegrown cannabis!

Farm to Fence?

It might just be a slight modification of the Farm to Fence model. Given the laws that cause lots of red tape, the way to getting to the “fence” of a small farm is not exactly perfect. We need to think beyond that and provide a Farm to direct needs or demands. This idea is not to bring light to any genius’s unique thoughts, but just having an open conversation about it. After the recent wave of legalization, let’s normalize talking about our theories for personal ECS’s. I can stand up and say that legalization has probably mixed up my ECS a bit. If you believe that your needs are different, please comment. 

One Plant Theory is to Get Our Community to Think

If you feel something from this idea resonates with you, please comment. If you think I am wrong, and have some better theories or ideas, please stand up and join me as a voice. A solution is in my goals, but being correct for all people under the sun is not the weight I have put on this idea. I will free it to the world, but please, let’s find solutions and not battle amongst ourselves. Let’s get the public to discuss, think, and perhaps share thoughts on helping support industry growth in a positive way for all the stakeholders. 

I know of many may become upset when anyone proposes a new idea or concept, and I think I have nailed an issue. Quite on the pun, I think nailing down a top-down definition of the ECS-cannabis relationship cannot be measured infinitely. Each ECS must be measured by each individual in reflection of how it provides relief and impacts their lives. To be clear, diversity and MORE access to cannabis is needed!

Let’s get out of this alive. Because one avid claim is that cannabis impacts depression.

If THC or the diverse cannabinoid profile does help ease depression, we can say that for some, just doing what they felt was right, was all a long!! They went against the grain to adopt a counterculture “drug user” label in a hypocritical pharmaceutical-filled world. The world’s drugs can lead to user addiction, dependency, and a quick road to death! In fact, many now say that pharmaceuticals are gateway drugs!

Wait, You Avoided Death! (…and Perhaps Suicidal Thoughts)

Now that we are here, what can we do? Let’s discuss a better world where we each have our own theories. Freedom to practice this freedom of health with cannabis, like back in the 215 days.

SSRI’s just recently have been shamed for being less than a solution than science had claimed, while we have been actively blocked to the ability to fight our battle as research in the areas of cannabis was not allowed until recently. 

The hypocrisy of big pharma and illegal plant based holistics is shameful to humanity!

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