710mph to 420 is a voice of culture and community amongst changes happening in the cannabis industry at the speed of sound. 

Those changes are coming in San Diego County.

If you look at the state of the cannabis industry, the state of California, and the volume of interest in cannabis, events, jobs, and collaborative efforts are needed.

SoCal Cannabis Career Expo October 29th at Four Points Sheraton on Aero Drive We are still waiting on San Diego County to wise up and make the decision to open up for licensing that would allow the economic force of the cannabis industry to fully impact the job market and the tourism market of San Diego.

We can expect a wave stronger than that of the craft beer industry created for San Diegans!

San Diego County, unlike any other region, can entertain cannabis tourism on a large volume.

That means jobs and even more cannabis taxes that go to the enforcement of the nonexistent public outcry for enforcement.

Actually, for example, San Bernardino just reported absolutely no issues with their legal cannabis industry causing crime or crimes related to the industry.  

“San Bernardino has collected more than $4.3 million in cannabis taxes the past year,” states an article by Brian Whitehead in The Sun. “And aside from the occasional false alarm and call to handle a collision or vandalism, officials say incidents associated with licensed commercial cannabis businesses have been virtually non-existent.

While I very much stand for cannabis, I also stand for humanity.. 

With San Diego County being one of the largest land masses in the USA under one county, having this county 70 percent illegal for cannabis licensing is preposterous and a metaphor for the entire state of cannabis!

Cannabis Prisoners with Life Sentences Still Exist

Free cannabis prisoners with as much tenacity as VP Kamala Harris & POTUS Joe Biden are doing to get #britneygriner out in Russia!

Or maybe a little bit more, just do it!  

We have limited legal cannabis by more than 70% since Prop 64 and still there are more obstacles to get to market than there should be.

In my opinion, San Diego County needs to proclaim an emergency order to mandate full Prop 64 legalization, issue licenses, and stand to right the injustices of the war on drugs:

1) Clemency now

2) Make legal cannabis truly legal

3) Establish actual social equity programs that support actual healing the wounds of human error via prohibitions

Alcohol Prohibition Contributed to the Roaring 20s

Let’s build a thriving San Diego via cannabis and cannabis tourism but also focus on introducing people to quality small farms and artisan craft small batch growers.

No Accepting Vendors For Kush Cove
Join Kush Cove at Mission Bay Fest as a Cannabis Related business! Reach out Russ@FarmersCupOfficial.com

Many have spoken of cannabis in regards to wellness, but it is also an experience

We have ripped the cultural experience from cannabis with prop 64 by not allowing cultural, community, and advocacy to happen with a consumption allowance

In most of California, smoking cannabis is still illegal, but most humans know it is quite fine!

Some will tell me when I light my joint, “Thank God you’re not smoking a cigarette,” which I hope can be the future for healing our community here in San Diego. 

I light up often publicly in protest; we are still fighting to be treated as humans. 

Some of us cannabis enthusiasts and medical users cannot go home, our families denied us as human even with cocktails in their hands.

I find lots of San Diegans who smoke say that their families elsewhere frown upon cannabis usage.

I just say “Welcome Home to San Diego!” and pass on a smile.

And more. 

An Important In-Person Meeting We Should All Attend, and Get a Crowd if Possible!

Sept. 7 at 2PM  – Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee
San Diego City Hall
202 C St.
San Diego, CA 92101
Meetings on 12th Floor

HQ Community Showcase & Studio Tours

HQ San Diego will be powered by HiBnb.US, and the plan is to allow you to become an HQ host and serve the Cannabis creatives and the community building of San Diego and SoCal Cannabis. You can also read more here at Canna Geek too!

  1. Sept 10th (HQ Studio Tour events)
  2. Sept 11th (HQ Studio Tour events)
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